Know your eye shape to get a perfect eye makeup
Posted on July 22, 2016

Eye Makeup: How to Get a Perfect Look


Let’s face it. Most of us still call the eyeliner and mascara combination as “Eye makeup”. But we all want to know what and exactly HOW to use those beautiful eye shadow palettes, that are resting in our drawers. To make your life easier, scroll down for this ultimate guide to help you get the best eye makeup look and that too according to your eye shape.Read More

Smokey Eye Makeup Cover
Posted on July 20, 2016

Smokey Eye Makeup DIY Tutorial to Give You a Perfect Look


We all love makeup, don’t we? And, who doesn’t know of the Smokey Eye Makeup trend? It has been a rage over the past few years and is still a hot favorite among ladies. In the modern world, women spend hours in front of the mirror, applying makeup to look beautiful. It is true that makeup does enhance our beauty.Read More

Best Lipstick Colors for Your Lips
Posted on July 16, 2016

Best 5 Lipstick Colors For Summer


The scorching heat of the sun is here. With the increasing temperature and the impossibility of spending time outdoors sort of capture you and confine you in houses. Sitting at home and getting ready for an event may stir an excitement but not for too long. The mind always goes back to the tiresome and sweaty task of applying makeup and then wearing accessories. Read More

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