Lipsense Review
Posted on August 25, 2017

I tried Lipsense, and Here is my Review


When it comes to lipsticks, we women want something that would stay on and look pretty. But with us living our daily lives, we all are prepared to keep the never ending re-application process going.

In all this, Lipsense has managed to create much of a hype which usually claims that we all get smudge-proof, leak-proof, 12-18 hours of beautiful colored lips. Because of this particular thing, I had to test out what really was going on with Lipsense after reading the review here.So the first step to this journey was getting these three lip-gloss type tubes which included the gloss, the lip colour and the remover. The only instructions I got were that there is a particular way of applying this lipstick and where-ever you apply it, it will stay there for a good amount of time so be CAREFUL. More or less, the color I got for myself was “Fly Girl” or what i refer to as blood red. The first pull of the tube gave me a whiff of the lipstick and yes, it smelt like pure alcohol.

Lipsense Red Shades

The lipstick had a very runny consistency which obviously meant that one can reapply the product again and again to have a more opaque-looking color. However, you have to wait a good 3-5 seconds before coating in another layer of the lipstick as its sticky and it will feel awful if you try to force the coat on (learned this the hard way). After you are done with the lipstick, it is time to end the whole look with the thick moisturizing gloss, which to be honest, made up for the runny, sticky lipstick.

The whole try out featured me having pretty greasy meals, cups of coffees and working followed by me licking my lips and trying to “eat” the lipstick. To my surprise and after my brutal tests, the lipstick indeed did what it states to do. It did not budge even the slightest. Whenever I felt my lips dry out, I used to reapply the gloss and it would give me a pleasing texture.

By the end of the day where I am used to seeing myself as a hot mess, this time my lips were the one thing in place and it felt Good! All-in- all, the lipstick does what it says, however, i won’t recommend using it on a regular basis because taking it off is a whole task in itself. But for special occasions when you need your make up to on point, this one is a MUST-HAVE.

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