Best Hairstyles for Girls
Posted on October 7, 2016

Best Hairstyles for Girls to Try in 2017


In addition to all the makeup and dresses, there’s one more thing without which our final look is incomplete and that is a good hairstyle. You are lucky if you are blessed with naturally heavy, thick locks, but only you know how hard it becomes to handle them when it comes to hair-styling. That’s why when it comes to special occasions or daily routine, we are left in utter confusion regarding what to do with our hair. To save you from this dilemma, let me present you the best simple hairstyles for girls, which would not only take a couple of minutes but give you the final gorgeous look that you have always wanted.

Must-Try Hairstyles for Girls in 2017


Braids Hairstyles for Girls

When i talk about braids, I do not refer to those two braids that we all were “forced” to carry in our childhood. Recently, the most easy and doable form of hairstyles for girls include Braids. Fish braids, french braids, three-strand braids have been used in high-fashion, but with a slight twist. The thing about braids is that not only are they easy to make but even if you are not a expert, you can make a hairstyle of your own. Side braids are the most classy, when it comes to daily routine or a event. All you do is take three strands from the front section of your head, add in pieces of hair and secure the end with bobby pins.


Buns Hairstyles for Girls

Another absolute favorite list of hairstyles for girls are the easy-to-make messy top knot buns. Now the high fashion and super tight buns are best done in salons, but you can always give your favorite looks a try at home too. The messy bun is a super easy look, which is absolutely loved by girls all over the world. All you need to do is tie your hair in a ponytail. Divide the hair in two or three sections, depending on your hair thickness. Then roll one section around the pony and similarly roll the other pieces afterwards. Secure it with bobby pins and that’s it! The best part about messy buns is that the messier they are, the more good they look. It’s easy yet stylish nature makes it one of the best hairstyles for girls.

Blow-dry Hairstyles for Girls

Blow-dry Hairstyles for Girls

Thanks to all the heat-protecting products now readily available in the market, the world has been introduced to a whole new range of hairstyles for girls. Anyone of us can use blow-dryers and straighteners without the guilt that we are damaging our hair. In fact for any hairstyle, blow drying your hair first can give a polished look. Those girls who are interested in proper and luscious looking hair, they can try out the different blow dry looks. With different brushes, you can blow dry your hair outwards or inwards, and create massive volume as well. That’s not all. Different blow dry bars are now appearing in the fashion scene, giving women absolutely gorgeous hair. The concept is rather new but has generated a positive response, as it offers women all over with different Blow dry hairstyles in minutes and minimal costs.

Curling with Straightening Iron

Curling with Straightening Iron Easy Hairstyles for Girls

If you think your straightener could only straighten your hair, then you are wrong. Straighteners are being widely used to curl hair as well. You can try loose curls, tight curls, beach waves and so much more. All you need to do is take a section of hair, place it in between the rods, and flip that section over and slowly work your way down. Let the curl cool, and spray it with hair spray to ensure that it doesn’t open later on.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Hairstyles

The most expensive yet drastic hairstyles for girls include using hair extensions. Clip-in extensions are readily available in the market and for those of you, who are too lazy to curl, straight or stylize their hair or are afraid of the damage that comes along with all the different procedures, you can totally consider using extensions. All you would need to do is get a extension, part your hair, clip them in so that they fall out or look fake. Style your hair from the Front and Wola! New hair in no time.

While you girls are planning on making any hairstyle, here’s an important reminder:
Always, always and always style dirty hair. Contrary to our habit of styling hair after using a considerable amount of shampoo, professionals all over the world tend to stylize hair with some natural oil in it. The reason being that the oil keeps the style intact.

All these stunning yet simple hairstyles for girls are easy to make, and self-tried. There is no key to a perfect hairstyle, but with sufficient experiment you can get it in the right form. So keep calm and Style your hair.

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